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What is the Gymnastica Bürstadt an what makes it so interesting?

The Gymnaestrada, the Spartakiada and the Gymnastica Bürstadt were founded in 1954. The Gymnaestrada was organised for the western part of the world and the Spartakiada was organised for the eastern part of the world.
Today only the Gymnaestrada and Gymnastica Bürstadt remain.

The objective of the Gymnaestrada is to provide the possibility for gymnasts from all over the world to meet and to join in the sharing of ideas and experience , in addition to the Olympic Games. The difference between Gymnaestrada and the Olympic Games are:

The group – not the individual is being judged and therefore no medals are given.
The club TSG Bürstadt, which began with one group at the Gymnaestrada, had in 1957 the idea to organise a gymnastic festival for gymnatic clubs all over the world in Bürstadt, Germany, which became Gymnastica Bürstadt.

The objectives of the Gymnastica Bürstadt are similar to the Gymnaestrada:

  • Bringing together as many different cultural groups as possible for peace and fairplay for international understanding and friendship
  • New findings, knowledge and results sould be presented, the value and the versatility and all around nature should be shown and expanded to spread to the outermost scope throughout the world.
  • Festivity, fun and enjoyment should be awakened; and a feeling of physical and social wellbeing should go out to all who paricipate in the spirit of Gymnastica.
  • The folling referneces from gymnastic groups which have visited the Gymnastica Bürstadt for more than 30 years may answer this question:

    Carlos Alfredo from Ginasio Clube Portugues, Portugal

    “It is gymnastic festival with artistic, acrobatic, rhythmic, tumbling, floor ecercises, dance folklore and music whitch is, for sure, the most beautiful in the world. You can see the worlds best gymnastics till late at night in a wonderful atomosphere in the Gymnastica Hall.”

    Lars Wirdheim from Frigymnaster Halstad, Sweden

    “The Gymnastica Bürstadt (where 800 to 1200 gymnasts participate) is known as well at the Gymnastrada or the Olymic Games between Tokyo, Rio de Janerio, Tel Aviv, Lisboa or Stockholm.”

    Egon Guilliams, Belgium

    “It’s an incredible idea to combine different nations with different cultures in one spectacular event, alweas resulting in one fantastic festival that stands for fair play and peace. We from Estehetica Brecht, Belgium, are sure everbody who tastes this Gymnastica fever woudn’t miss it for the world.”

    Where and when does it take place?

    We the TSG Bürstadt, a Club of gymnasts and members of the German Turnerbund, who are also members of the FIG (Federal International Gymnastic Association), have been organising this international gymnastic festival since 1957. Bürstadt is a small town in the middle of Germany 60 km to the south of Frankfurt/Main and 25 km to north of Mannheim/Heidelberg.

    The Gymnastica takes place regulary every 3 years held during middle/end of July. The program start always from Wendesday 19:00h till 23:30 following by Thursday, Friday and Saturday also 19:00h till 23:30h.

    All the programms take place in the gymnastic hall in Bürstadt, located 300 m from the places of accommodation.

    Who can participate?

    Any gymnatic groups from any part of world may participate. They should demonstrate some or one of the following activities:

    Acrobatic gymnastics, rhytmic gymnastics, classical artistics gymnastics, generell gymnastics, trampoline and mini trampline, tumbling track/floor exercises. Typical folklore groups or special music groups can also participate.

    There is organised a special kind of competition without rules for that. All groups judge each other regarding popularity, friendliness and appearance.

    What about accommodation and meals?

    All the participants can be accommondated in schools.
    Also airbeds and blankets can be organised by the Gymnastica Organisation.
    The participants will be eligible for free use of the public swimming pools, also for reduced prices for refreshments in the gymnastic hall and will be given free access for all events and presentations.

    Participants and visitors who ordered breakfast, lunch or dinner will heave their meals in the gymnastic hall. The standard includes a breakfast buffet, a lunch packet and a warm dinner.

    What does the gymnastica Bürstadt cost?

    Festival pass per participant 130€
    Grants you accomodation, accreditaion, entrance to the public pool, breakfast and dinner for the Duration of the Gymnastica Bürstadt (Wednesday-Saturday) and free ride from and to the airport
    Every additional day per participant 30€

    How and when can I book?

    The preliminary time schedule for the Gymnastica will be sent out in June in the year of the Gymnastica. The detailed program is available to the participants and visitors upon their arrival in Bürstadt gymnastic hall.
    Preliminary booking not later than November 2022
    Final booking not later than March 2023

    How to get to Bürstadt?

    TSG Bürstadt e.V.
    Gartenstrasse 20
    68642 Bürstadt
    Alfred Koch: +49 163 843 7463